Anson Co. Road Orders

Recap of Land Information on the MOORMANS of Anson Co., NC

12 JUL 1771 Road from Charles Medlock's to Pedlers Cabbins, crossing Hitchcock Creek (at Wade's Mill), William HALEY over seers.
Hands: John Wall, Thomas MOORMAN, Archibald (Archelaus) MOORMAN, Benjamin MOORMAN, William HALEY, Isham HALEY and George Mathews.
16 JUL 1772 Same road as above, John Wall overseer in room of William HALEY.
Hands added are Francis CLARK, John Jones, James Williams, John Lee, Strickland.
15 JUL 1774Same road as above. Hands: added are John CLARK, George Mathews, Zachariah MOORMAN, Matthew Strickland, Thomas Adcock, Henry Adcock, Silas HALEY, Benjamin MOORMAN, Thomas MOORMAN, James Moore, Mathew Terry, John Perkins.
April 1777 Road from Pedlar's Cabbins into road below Solomon's Creek.
Hands: John Webb, William HALEY Jr., Silas HALEY, Benjamin MOORMAN, Benjamin MOORMAN Jr., John MOORMAN, Archelaus MOORMAN, William Williams, the young man who lives at Wall's, Zachariah MOORMAN, William Lewis, William Webb, William Jernigan, Walter Slaughter, Richard Leake, William Parmer, William Wade's hands at the mill, James Moorma, Andrew MOORMAN, Thomas MOORMAN, and Thomas MOORMAN Jr.

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