Family of

Elizabeth Stever and ? Stever
Barbara , born 1837, Illinois
Lucinda, born 1840, Missouri

Barbara Stever, born in Illinois, 1837, was married to H.T. Duty about 1860, as we find in the Dallas County 1860 census marked" married within the year". Barbara was Duty's third wife. He was twenty-three years her senior. From the letters we have and the records we have searched, they had no children. There are a number of letters in our possession written by Barbara from Illinois during the late 1860's and early 1870's to her uncle James Madison Stever in Missouri. From these records it appears that Barbara and Duty returned to Missouri about 1872.

Henty T. Duty was married to Mrs. Sarah Dame, Dallas Co., May 11, 1879. We have letters indicating that Barbara was still alive in 1873, so Barbara must have died between 1873 and 1879.

Lucinda Stever, Elizabth's second daughter died about 1900. Her first marriage was to Hugh T. Lakey, about 1859. In the " petition to partition" the estate of George W. Stever, Sr., both Hugh and Lucinda Lakey were named. When Peter Stever bought the heirs interest in his mother's (Sarah) dowry only Lucinda signed the papers. Peter bought Lucinda's interest in 1872.

In the second annual settlement of the estate of George W. Brownfield, in the November, 1872 Dallas Co. term of court she is referred to as Lucinda Stevers. We find in the Dallas County Court records that she was later married to T.W. Guant and J.W. Guant. We are informed by her great-niece that Lucinda had only one child, a still-born son, but she didn't know from which marriage.

Elizabeth and Charles Sneed
Thurma, born 1846, Missouri

Thursa Sneed is the only offspring from Elizabeth's marriage to Charles Sneed. We find in the Dallas Co. records that Charles Sneed died in 1847. Court records indicate that Charles diedintestate, and the nature of his state required that it be disposed of immeditely in order to retain it's value. Therefore George W. Hayes Brownfield and William Neal were appointed administrators of Charles Sneed's estate. The record also indicates that George Brownfield was named guardian of Thurma.

"County of Dallas
The State of Missouri to all persons to whom these presents shall come--Greetings. Know ye that whereas Charles Sneed late of the County of Dallas and intestate as it is said, having at the time of his death property in this State which may be lost, destroyed or deminished in value if speedy care not be taken of the same to the end therefore that said property may be collected, presented and disposed of according to law. We do hereby appoint G.W.H. Brownfield and William Neal Administrators of all and singular the goods, chattles, rights and credits with were of the said Charles Sneed at the time of his death with full power and authority to secure and dispose of said property, according to law and collect moneys due said deceased and in general to do and perform all acts and things which are or may be required of them by the law.
In testimony whereof, I.M.B. Edmonds, judge of the probate court of Dallas County aforesaid, have herewith set my hand and affirmed my private seal there being no seal of office yet. Provided this Dec. 24th, A.D., 1847. (Signed)I.M.B. Edmonds, probate Judge."

We found this information, along with other materials, in the possession of Minnie Brownfield Beckerdite, great-granddaughter to Elizabeth Stever.

Thurma Sneed married John J. Payton. In a letter to her uncle, James Madison Stever, dated January 10, 1869, she gives their address as Mount Vernon, Missouri. In this letter she mentions her "little Willie" with his black eyes. She invited her uncle James to bring little Phebe and come see them some time.

Thurma's husband, John Payton, was born in Iowa, according to the 1880 U.S. Census. At that time (1880) he and Thurma were living in Stone County, Missouri. Since 1869, they had apparently made an excursion into Arkansas, since, according to the 1880 census, their daughter Bertha, was born in that state. "Willie" does not appear in the 1880 census. Possibly he died as a small boy. The oldest child listed at home was Charles W., age 9 years. There was an Elizabeth Payton living in the home with them, age 52, listed as "no relation". This is all we know of this family.

Elizabeth and George W. Hays Brownfield
Amanda, born June 18, 1848, Missouri?
William M., born April 20, 1850
George W., born ?

William M. Brownfield married Deborah Hill of Dallas Co., Mo., October 24, 1870. Deborah was said to be a charming, delightful person. William was a successful farmer and cattleman in Dallas Co. for many, many years. Our borthers who could remember William, recall that he was a tall, stately man with of quick step and speech, and had a long white beard. William died June 20, 1926 while visiting his son in Montana. He must have been a man of substantial means for at the time of his death there were a number of notes that had been made to him. The signatures on the notes had been torn away, so it cannot be determined who the borrowers were. William died June 20, 1926 in Montana while visiting his son.

William and Deborah had four children: George W., William A., Eusebuis and Anna. George W. was born September 24, 1871, died March 21, 1900 and was buried at Knighten Cemetery. On November 24, 1891 he married P.F. Carrol and they had six children: Minnie, Willa, Eunice, William A., Anna and George W..

Elizabeth's son, George W. Brownfield, first married Mary E. Clayton and had two children:Frank and Deborah. Mary died when the children were very small. We have not been able to find anything more on these children. We were told that Frank was kidnapped and taken to St. Louis, Mo.. As a young boy he returned to his uncle, William M. Brownfield, in Dallas Co.. George's second marriage was to Stacyann Adams.

We find the following items in the Dallas County, Mo. court records;

Frank Brownfield, Estate
Final Settlement 25 May, 1908. Value to him, $57.00.
Last settlement, Dec. 2. 1904.
Deborah Brownfield A, a minor, Estate
Settled 27 July, 1896, $51.30. Amount paid--James B. Evans, curator, appointed by probate court Greene County.
Frank Brownfield, a minor 26 May, 1897--$45.95. Loaned to J. A. Brownfield, with Wm. Brownfield, security.
Estate of G. W. Brownfield
November term of Court, 1872, Dallas County, Mo.
Second annual settlement--On hand--$1,997.81 Paid to Lucinda Stevers, $17.38.

Searching the Dallas County court records is time consuming as many of the old volumes are not indexed and require looking page by page.

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