Nicholas and Mary Emiline Davis

Eliza Jane Stever, William Henry Stever,Waldo P. Johnson Stever, Charles Walton Stever,
Hannah Helena Stever, Isaac Newton Stever, John A. Logan Stever.(All were born in Missouri)

Nicholas, known to the family and local residents as "Smith", lived with his family in the area of the original homestead until after the settlement of his mother's estate. Some time in the 1870's he moved to Benton Co., Missouri, where he appears with his family in the 1880 census. Some time in the early 1880's he moved to Aurora, Missouri in Lawrence County, where he died. Nicholas is buried in the old City Cemetery in Aurora. Several of his family members are buried there also. Some of our information was taken from these headstones. The cemetery was declared as "filled" in 1900 and has not been used since.

From reading the old letters in our possession it appears that Mary Emiline was never a well person, suffering from "palsey" in her middle and later years. This information is in a letter From James M. Johnston to James Madison Stever. She was buried in nthe cemetery at Round Grove in Lawrence Co., Missouri.

Correspondence between Nicholas and James Madison indicate that Nicholas did not go to Illinois during the Civil War, as did James, Peter and their mother.

We do not know any of the "old stories" about Nicholas' family as we do about some other family members. Neither were their grandchildren able to share any bits of family lore.

Mary Emiline Davis was the daughter of John Davis and Celia Martin, both born in Tenn., where Mary was also born.

From a letter by James M. Johnston to James Madison Stever, February, 1866.

"I will tell you that your mother and all the rest of the friends in this part of the country is all well as far as I know of at this time. Only Smith's wife and she has been sick for a long time and has become paralysed and has lost her speech so that she can not be understood when she trys to talk. Smith is now called to the Company tho I think he will get to come home soon."
Smith in this instance was Nicholas Smith Stever. Apparently he served in the Union army for a brief period during the Civil War.

Nichalos and Mary's children migrated to the Joplin, Mo., Southeast Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma areas. Some of them finally made their way to California.

Eliza Jane Stever had one child. John C. Stever, before her marriage to William Jasper Turner. John C. Stever married and had five children, three of whom are buried near Nicholas at Aurora. These three children were all small boys. Two girls, Ollie and Effie, lived to maturity and married. We have been unable to contact any of them. We wrote Effie, but the letter was returned, "Moved: left no forwarding address". The letter was addressed to her in California.

William Jasoer and Eliza Jane had a large family, which they reared in the Joplin, Mo., Vinita, Ok. area. Jasper was buried at Vinita, and Eliza at Seneca, Mo..

William Henry Stever married Lottie Moore in 1891. They had two sons and reared their family in the area of Tulsa, Ok., where both William and Lottie died and are buried in Rosehill Cemetery. We had the privilege of visiting with one of their daughters-in-law, Mrs. Logan (Mabel) Stever. She knew little of the family beyond her father-in -law. She lived at that time in Tulsa, and provided some statistics for us, which were helpful.

Waldo P. Johnson Stever married N.E.McCurry in Dallas Co., Mo., 1882. All we have been able to learn about this family was that they had a daughter living in Missouri and a son, Billy, who lived with his daughter. Also, a daughter, Patty, who was married to a Border Patrolman in the San Diego, California area. Waldo died and was buried in Fontana, California.

Charles Walton Stever married S.E.Scott, in Webster Co., Missouri, 1880. He and his wife lived in the area of Aurora, Missouri. Their sons, Ransom and Ramzey, died at 17 and 20, respectively, and are buried in the old Cemetery at Aurora. We know nothing more of this family.

Hannah Helena Stever - we have not been able to acquire any information on her. The only thing we have gleaned is a note from Mrs. Claude Leslie, Galena, Kansas, which reads:

"I have no information on Hannah H. She could be the one I have as Helena. I remember my mother saying she remembered her and her daughter".
Mrs. Leslie is the granddaughter of Eliza Jane Stever Turner.

Isaac Newton Stever never married. After the family moved to Aurora, he was killed by a falling tree in April, 1886. His father, Nicholas, placed the body in the wagon and brought it back to the Stever Cemetery for burial. Due to the distance involved and lack of embalming, the family dug the grave and Isaac was buried that night.

John A. Logan Stever married Ollie Smith. Their descendants are in the Joplin, Mo., Southeast Kansas, and Northeast Oklahoma areas. John A. and his wife are buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Galena, Kansas. We had the privilege of visiting with their daughter, Mrs. Harry Cole (nee: Leota Stever), when she lived in North Miami, Oklahoma. She provided some helpful information on the family of John A.

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