In August, 1869 Sarah Payton Stever's personal property and assests were appraised and sold at public auction. Her estate was appraised by Charles Davis, Valentine A. Davis and Ezekiel Y. Salaman. Each of these men indicated that they were not interested in the estate as an heir. The estate was appraised as follows:

one bed, $4.00; five pieces of bed clothing, $17.00; one bed quilt, $1.00; one bed stead, $1.00; one chest, $1.00; two glasses, .15 cents; one sugar bowl, .25 cents; one pie pan, .05 cents; one log chain, $2.00; one broom and staple, $1.00; one chair, .55 cents; one pair cards, .25 cents; one table cloth, $1.50.

The appraisal was made the fifth day of August, 1869. An additional appraisal was made August 27, 1869, as follows:

one meal sack, .40cents; two pewter dishes, .50 cents.

Appraisal made by David J. Dill, James M. Johnsto, and Charles Curtice. The inventory of the estate lists cash on hand as $145.25. Other assests were:

A note for $10.00, made August 15, 1859 by N.S. Stever and bearing interest at 10 per percent ($10.03) and an additional account againest N.S. Stever for eighteen pounds of bacon, dated June 18, 1863, for $1.50 plus .55 cents interest. An account againest Nicho;as S. Stever for $87.00 dated January, 1866. Interest on this note in the amount of $18.27. An account againest Peter Stever for $55.00, dated November 28, 1866, with the interest on this note of $8.18, making a total of $190.53 in notes due to Sarah Stever.

This part of the inventory of the estate was signed by William G. Davis and David J. Dill. The sale of Sarah's property was held August 27, 1869. This record is on permanent file in the office of the Probate Court of Webster County, Missouri. The inventory also lists 186 acres of land.

After Sarah's death, Peter Stever, her son, purchased the heirs' interest in the 186 2/3 acres which had been set out as Sarah's dowry. Peter built a house about 1/2 mile east of the cemetery, where he lived out his days.

With the death of our sister-in-law, Mrs. George W. Stever(nee: Nannie Mae Hollis, our wife's sister) in August, 1980, the Stever name ceased to exist in the area after 143 years. There are many descendants of George and Sarah in the area of the original settlement, but none of the Stever name.

The Children's Families

Elizabeth Stever
George Washington Stever, Jr.
Sarah A. Stever
Polly Stever (no info)
Nicholas Smith Stever