This is an article published in the Dublin (TX) Citizen in the summer of 2001. I have retyped the text portion for ease of reading and to speed up downloading.
Cecilia was a classmate in the Dublin High School class of 1958. Cecilia was a very special person and the following, written by her husband, comes close to telling how special.
My mental picture is exactly like the one below, a perpetual smile and sunny disposition.

There are too few Cecilias in this world.

Charles R. Hailey

Forty-two years ago today, I married the most wonderful person who ever came into my life. Little did I know my life would change so much. We came from backgrounds as different as day and night. We knew each other three months and in those three months we knew we wanted to spend our lives together.

In 1970, Ceclila started her long battle with cancer which lasted 31 years. During that time Cecilia never gave up on her faith and trust in God. She never got to the place where she ever asked, "Why me, Lord - why should this happen to me." She always said whatever is your will, Lord, for I know you will never put on me more than I can bear.

Cecilia prayed to see her children grown. That time was granted.

Cecilia prayed to see her grandchildren born. That time was granted.

Cecilia prayed she be given time to help her mother and father in their elder years. Again time was given. She would go to the farm either to check on them or mend fence or chase cattle that had gotten out the day before and a lot of time, she was on some kind of treatment for cancer. Sometimes she was so sick she was hardly able to hold her head up, but she felt God gave her that time and she was to make the best of it.

Cecilia played the piano in church from the time she was a little girl until the time her health would not let her do so. She felt like God gave her that job and she never let him down as long as she was able, and a lot of times, when she wasn't able in my eyes, for I can remember times when she had charley horses and cramps so bad it would have taken a pretty good man to have stood it and yet she went on. She always looked for someone she could help get through this day for she always said it's just another hill to climb, a valley to cross or another bend in the road.

It was a blessing to me when we were at the cancer clinic and different ones would come up to Cecilia and shake her hand or hug her neck and tell her how she helped them so much the first time they met for what she had said to them and to know they were in her prayers. For she got involved in a lot of peoples lives the last 15 years.

Cecilia never let cancer get her down. She took part in Meals on Wheels and loved it. She played piano at other churches to help them out. She played for singings at nursing homes for she felt those elderly needed a lift in their lives and she did more than her part to give them that.

Cecilia held the Lord very high in her life and wasn't one to toot her own horn, so I guess that's why I'm doing it for her for I knew her better than anyone. She covered up so much of her own discomfort and pain by doing for others and making others feel good around her for she never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her or what she was going through.

Cecilia spent a lot of time in God's Word and praying for other people. She felt God knew what she needed in her life so she spent that time on others that maybe didn't know how to ask. I only heard Cecilia pray one selfish prayer in her life and she asked God to let her wake up one time without hurting - if you can call that selfish.

On the morning of July 19 about 2:30 a. m. Cecilia was hurting so bad she was crying in her sleep. I felt a need to pray so placing a hand on her I asked the Lord to give peace for the short time she had left. Cecilia awoke and swore to me she had no pain and for the next three days until the morning of Tuesday, the 22nd, she showed to have no pain, so she had three days pain-free instead of just one that she had asked for.

Those who knew Cecilia will understand when I say 42 years with an angel and those who didn't know her missed a big blessing.

Whoever wrote "I'm Free" must have known someone like Cecilia.

Cecilia wasn't just a homemaker. She was the rock our home was built on.

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