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My connection to the Worrell family is through "Granny Reed", my paternal great grandmother, Martha Jane (Worrell) Reed.
Charles R. Hailey


Bryant (1) , son of Worrell and Unknown, was born about 1790 in North Carolina and died after 1850 in Tyler, Smith Co, TX.

Bryant settled for a while in Sumter County, South Carolina (then known as Sumter District), and while there, he met and married Dorcas Byrd in about 1812. He would have been about 22 years old.

In 1821, Bryant Worrell sold a tract of 100 acres to Samuel Lowry. The land was located on Hope Swamp. Apparently, Bryant didn't own the land for very long. He never recorded the deed for his purchase when he bought it from David Shaw, and the abstracted deed doesn't contain a reference to the date of the purchase.

"Bryant Worrell to Samuel Lowry (1821):
Bryant Worrell of Sumter District sells to Samuel Lowry of Sumter District for $600 a tract of 100 acres of land in Sumter District on Hope Swamp, waters of the Black River, originally granted to John Shaw on 11 August 1774, which David Shaw conveyed to the said Bryant Worrell. .
Dated 16 January 1821. .
/s/ Bryant Worrell.
Witnessed by James Gamble and Wm. R. Lenoir.
Proved 21 June 1821.
Recorded 14 July 1821."
(Hope Swamp is located about 20 miles due (roughly) east of Sumter, just south of the town of Shiloh.)

Bryant married Dorcas Byrd, parents unknown, about 1812 in SC?. Dorcas Byrd was probably born about 1793 in South Carolina? and died before 1840.

Researchers have been unable to find Dorcas Byrd mentioned in any written material whatsoever, but her name has been passed along by family throughout the years. Some researchers believe she may have been Cherokee, but this is unproven.

At some point, Bryant moved his family to Coosa County, Alabama. The county was then a part of the Indian Territory. Since some believe that Dorcas was Native American, this move would make sense if the family were trying to escape prejudice in South Carolina. Or, they may have just gone there for the land. The Alabama land lotteries for the Indian land was being held about this time, and the Indians were being moved to what was to become Eastern Oklahoma. Bryant is listed on the 1840 Census for Coosa County, but apparently Dorcas had already died by this time, as she is not listed in the household.

Bryant and Dorcas Worrell had three (known to this author) children: John Durant, Kinchen Thomas, and Mary Ann.

NOTE: Nannette Serra-Jones
Subject: Worrell, Coosa Co
Ancestry.Com Message Board:

Bryant Worrell (b 1790 in NC) married Dorcas Byrd and had the following children:
(1) An unidentified son born abt 1813 (I have been trying to connect him to my great grandfather Wesley J. Worrell b abt 1811 in either NC, SC or KY who married Cathrine Dunkin in 1839 in Perry County AL)
(2) an unidentified daughter born about 1815.
(3)John Durant Worrell, 1817 m. Jane Crews
(4)Kinchen Thomas Worrell, 1822 m. Eliza Chancellor
(5)Mary Ann Worrell, 1825 m. Jonathan Lester. Kinchen had a son Benjamin, born in 1850.

I don't know if it was ever established that this is the same Kinchen Worrell as was in Stewart Co. GA. I believe I heard that this Kinchen Worrell was in the same area, Marion Co, GA as Jesse and Haywood Worrell sometime in the 1840's or 1850's. I believe it was Columbus GA?

The Worrell children all married in Alabama.

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